With ProjectTime your timewriting is
easy and realistic

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for MS-Windows

ProjectTime is a program with a small userinterface, that helps tracking your activities during the day. Group activities can be defined and shared among all users. Everybody in the team can also define his or her own activities. Simply click when changing activities.

Maximum of 3 levels can be used in the task tree:
Projects / Tasks / Activities

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Install the executable, and define the way you work via the Settings menu.
To share groupactivities define a shared drive that everybody in your team can access.
The shared drive also holds the department layout with usernames, and stores the weekly reports.

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First step is to define private and select the grouptasks that you work on.
The usage is very simple, just select and double-click an activity from your task list.

Connection to the shared drive is only needed when creating or modifying week reports.

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ProjectTime records all your activities in minutes and stores this logfile on your local drive.
Reports are per week rounded in hours and are stored on the shared drive.

When you don't use the click feature, you still can create a week report based on your own estimation.

Modification of reports on the shared drive is allowed.

Who uses ProjectTime ?

Everybody that has access to a computer while working can use this program to log his activities
For timewriting per week rounded in hours
For everybody that has lots of activities during the day.
(People who are allowed to write time on one or two projects can skip the clicking and create reports manually on a daily or weekly basis.)

ProjectTime is succesfully used by customer support organisations to log the time spent on service tickets.
The service tickets are the personal projects that a user can easily create.

Check out the demo page for more information on ProjectTime.


Jan 5, 2010
Version 2.0 will include the option to report to a SQL database. Contact us for beta testing

Nov 10, 2009
Version 1.4 has an improved way of sharing grouptask and still the ability to maintain private tasks

Contact Info
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JeBee Software.
Email: info@projecttime.nl

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